This essential stage comes at the end of the production line prior to shipping. The palletising robots integrated by us are designed and made to measure according to your business segment, products, production rates and manufacturing process.

Our palletising robots are versatile, whether you are putting pipes, plates, complex shaped parts, food products or any other kinds of products either singly or in batches onto pallets or trucks.

Our designers develop the gripper using 3-D CAD technology, according to the shape(s) of the product(s) you want to palletise.

The palletising robot is upgradable and requires less floor space than traditional gantry-type mechanical equipment. In addition, it can perform other associated operations (positioning spacers, unstacking and handling the empty pallet etc.)

Control of a palletising robot is straightforward and user-friendly using the touch-screen operator’s console designed by our automated systems department. The console enables you to monitor the system in real time, change product palletising specifications and obtain quick maintenance diagnostics by viewing inputs and outputs.